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What are the Real Benefits of Baby Sign Language?

What are the Real Benefits of Baby Sign Language? 

What are the Real Benefits of Baby Sign Language?

One of our most fundamental desires as humans is to communicate and be understood. Extensive research has shown that baby sign language can massively reduce frustration for your baby and you by providing a means of communication before they develop speech. 

Research has shown that baby sign has numerous other benefits for your baby, this includes developing their verbal development and strengthening their cognitive skills.

 Baby sign helps to enhance parent and child bonding by reducing both theirs and your frustrations through fun time spent teaching signs to your baby.

Reduces Fussiness 

What are the Real Benefits of Baby Sign Language?

A baby needing something from us can cause them alot of fussiness, especially as they are not able to communicate their needs directly with us. When your baby can’t communicate, they can frequently become frustrated and have these little ‘fussy spells’.

 This can leave you frustrated, after all, all you want is to help but you don’t know what they want. When your baby can tell you, they are hungry, thirsty, need a diaper change, or they are hurt they feel secure and safe. This early communication also makes you and your baby happy, comfortable and secure.

Even when there is nothing you can do, if your baby’s leg hurts, this early communication seems to soothe their pain. Many parents report that their signing babies have a much easier time with frustrations later and the terrible twos…. this alone is a good reason to teach your baby sign language…. BELIEVE ME!!

The latest research confirms that signing babies have fewer temper tantrums. Perhaps not surprisingly you as parents and carers feel so much better too. The parents of signing children reporting feeling their babies are more positive and they feel more positive about their child.

Proven to help their Brain Development 

What are the Real Benefits of Baby Sign Language?

Well what a great statement…The Baby Sign Language Book© is an amazing structured activity book to help babies develop socially and mentally. Baby sign language acts as a stepping-stone or a bridge towards their ability of full speech. This gives your baby an opportunity to exercise their communication muscles before they can develop and become fully vocalize. Studies also show that babies who have early exposure to signing, have larger speaking vocabularies a lot earlier.

 They even do better in the years after they start talking. At the age of 2, 6 and 8 years old the research study results were truly amazing.

One study showed that eight-year-old children, who learned baby sign language as infants, had an average IQ that was 12 points higher than non-signers.

 Prevents prolonged crying 

What are the Real Benefits of Baby Sign Language?

As you start to bond with your baby it is still sometimes difficult to truly know what your baby wants, do they want Diaper change, Soother, thirsty, tired, hungry or just too hot? Imagine if they could say to you by sign what they want. I’m too cold, I want my teddy,  I’m hurt, I’m tired or I’m wet…

Encourages your baby’s problem solving ability

What are the Real Benefits of Baby Sign Language?

 Baby sign is amazing for your baby to start problem solving with the early ability to communicate with you when you’re doing an activity. Even just out and about they show you when they‘re hungry, point to something like dog, cat, tell you they are wet or sign diaper to you.

 Improves parent and carer bonding 

What are the Real Benefits of Baby Sign Language?

Research on baby sign language has confirmed that signers enjoy a stronger parental bond. In fact some early childhood education programs have started teaching baby sign language to infants and their parents to help get their relationship off to the best possible start.

“I can remember when my daughter Megan was born, I desperately wanted to know what she was thinking, what went on in her little mind. I just could not wait until she was two years old when she would start talking. When she was 4 months old I discovered and read up on baby sign as an activity we could do together to start communicating”.

“At five and a half months I started showing her basic sign. She communicated very quickly and it was an amazing time we bonded even closer than I ever imagined. She is now 3 years and very advanced. She has an amazing vocabulary and has advanced problem solving ability too. I give the credit to baby sign, they say early learning is vital… well it really is and The Baby Sign Language book is incredibly simple yet so powerful for their development”.

 I never want to wish away the precious time in my child’s life again!

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