Mini Boden has debuted Harry Potter-themed clothes for babies and kids — we only wish they came in adult sizes

Mini Boden has debuted Harry Potter-themed clothes for babies and kids — we only wish they came in adult sizes


Mini Boden just stirred up some magic with this new, limited-edition collection made for mini Muggles.

If you or your child is a big Harry Potter fan, you're going to want to check it out. The collection has clothes and accessories for babies and kids up to age 14.

I got a big complaint about the new Mini-release Harry Potter collection: No size adults! But at least there are the size of our children and enjoy wearing all these weird clothes that honor Harry and Hogwarts houses.

You will want to buy these parts immediately before they are sold. I personally got a few special pieces for my daughter from the late Mini Budin Limited Edition Rparent group, and I was affected by the quality of the clothes. I wish my child did not grow very fast.

Check out 10 of our favorite pieces that belong in your little Potterhead's closet:

Hedwig Overalls


Hedwig Overalls, $60, from Boden

These wonderful retrospective dresses of girls are a tribute to the daughter of Harry Hedwig. Its elegant elegance is so high that it looks like a trendy department store in Brooklyn.It is made of a strong sock in "Farah Yellow" (also known as mustard). Starving at the front and center in an elegant shape, surrounded by gentle frequency. The show continues inside the hole with a gold-printed liner featuring a variety of Hogwarts animals.

Hedwig Applique T-Shirt


Hedwig Applique T-Shirt, $38, at Boden

Hedwig gets more love in the shape of a long-sleeved red T-shirt with a little magic. This 100% cotton shirt features a starving design with a 3D envelope. The envelope is actually rising and within you you can take a look at the summit of Hogwarts.

Hippogriff Tulle Skirt


Hippogriff Tulle Skirt, $66, at Boden

This enlightenment deserves to be performed by the stars of Buckbeak and Habiborefe.This characteristic of the blue ornamental enlightenment is the different images of your Buckbeak that fly around the edge with the sprinkling of hybrids and shiny embroidery. There is also a gang of shiny gold around the lap belt.

Hippogriff Bomber Jacket


Hippogriff Bomber Jacket, $85, at Boden

This striker's jacket is one of the pieces that we expect to come in size for adults. This light blue blind is marked by a Buckbeak the Hippogriffon the front in a classic old style. There is also a little tone with the addition of a pitch and glossy string as well as a little shine on the neck line, thinning and handcuffs.

Harry Potter Socks


Harry Potter Socks, $30, at Boden

Yes, we are under the pressure of temptation to try to put our big feet in these small size socks. This collection includes four pairs of soft cotton socks containing a variety of charming designs from Goulden Snitches This collection is directed to a picture of a gothic Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Bodysuit Four Pack


Hogwarts Bodysuit Four Pack, $60, at Boden

The fact that a child may be too young to wear a sorting hat and be assigned a house does not prevent you from helping him in the process. This kit contains four ultra-soft cotton underwear that represent each of the four Hogwart . It comes in a wonderful gift bag if you want to present the group as a gift to the love Potter family.

Hogwarts Printed Dress


Hogwarts Printed Dress, $42, at Boden

This very soft Jersey dress is an elegant way for a girl to show love for all the things that Potter has. Extensive printing features popular Hogwart images such as album, crystal balls, transplants, pulverizers, pulverizers, and lightning.

Harry Potter Knitted Sweater


Harry Potter Knitted Sweater, $55, at Boden

Take a jacket like that made by Amy Ron to Harry. This bird consists of a mixture of cotton and merino wool, and praise be to God, washable with washing machine. Although your son's name may not start with "H", when praising the great processor, it doesn't really matter, isn't it?

Harry Potter Rugby Shirt


Harry Potter Rugby Shirt, $52, at Boden

It may be a rugby shirt, but you know that any real Putitaire fans prefer to play Qweddinge. This version is a play on the classic Rugby Shirt, but it is a combination of colors and a patterned carat that goes down the collar and peaks of the Hawartis on the front. It is also a vivid red version containing Harry's glasses in the front and a large lightning bolt on the back.

Harry Potter Long Pajamas


Harry Potter Long Pajamas, $42, at Boden

Your kids can get magical dreams when they wear the Pigeon collection. These PJs come in three styles of the Mawaels mini car: The WYasliis plane car, the Qwedideg scene, an album that is attending the breakfast center, or this group revives the two Putiter guards themselves.

Mini Boden has debuted Harry Potter-themed clothes for babies and kids — we only wish they came in adult sizes Mini Boden has debuted Harry Potter-themed clothes for babies and kids — we only wish they came in adult sizes Reviewed by admin on September 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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